This report has an identical layout to the Owner Statement (Envelope) report. The difference is which transactions get printed. The report requires you to specify the date of the disbursement, and the system will print one statement for each owner who had a disbursement done that day. The statement will print all transactions from the day after the previous disbursement onwards for each owner.
This report is ideally designed for people who do a bulk disbursement and then print the owner report for all of these owners.
Note however, with this report it would be easy to inadvertently not print a report for a particular owner if they did not get a disbursement or their disbursement was done on a differnt day, so care needs to be taken.

Download this report

After the file is downloaded, run the program to install it. The new report will be added to the Custom tab in the reports screen.

  Sample Output

There is no sample for this report - it looks exactly the same as the existing Owner Statement (Envelope) report.