This report lists properties along with the occupancy days, vacant day and vacancy rate %. The report allows a date range selection as well as a filter on which properties you want to look at.

Download this report

After the file is downloaded, run the program to install it. The new report will be added to the Custom tab in the reports screen.

  Sample Output

Vacancy Rate
Print Date:29/03/2008Vacancy from 1/01/2007 to 31/12/2007
CodeAddressOccupied DaysVacant DaysVacancy Rate
DemoProperty1155 Taylor rd0364100%
DemoProperty10166 Oban rd35951.37%
DemoProperty11966 Mountain rd19317146.98%
DemoProperty12580 Comins rd2679726.65%
DemoProperty13988 Upland rd36400%
DemoProperty14131 Massey rd0364100%
DemoProperty15834 Queens rd0364100%
DemoProperty16609 Richmond Rd36400%
DemoProperty18857 Church rd0364100%
DemoProperty1954 Beaumont rd11824667.58%
DemoProperty2608 Elica rd25311130.49%
DemoProperty20349 Irock rd36400%
DemoProperty21408 Garden rd22613837.91%
DemoProperty22212 Surray rd21714740.38%
DemoProperty23825 Vale rd0364100%
DemoProperty24634 Forrest rd0364100%
DemoProperty25165 Russel rd23313135.99%
DemoProperty265 Totara rd0364100%
DemoProperty27689 Lunn rd0364100%
DemoProperty28886 Kerria rd36400%
DemoProperty29325 Maller rd36400%
DemoProperty3624 Biscay rd36400%
DemoProperty3095 Ridge rd21714740.38%
DemoProperty31429 Velma rd17618851.65%
DemoProperty32238 Kotare rd36400%
DemoProperty33421 Mawson rd36400%
DemoProperty34963 Lincoln Rd36400%
DemoProperty3590 Kingdale St1734795.33%
DemoProperty36430 Methuen rd22913537.09%
DemoProperty37955 Bon Buck rd0364100%
DemoProperty4171 Rush rd36400%
DemoProperty5211 Sturges rd36400%
DemoProperty6597 Jutland rd0364100%
DemoProperty7323 Finch rd0364100%
DemoProperty8200 Rawara rd0364100%
DemoProperty9122 Athena rd36400%