Monthly Archives: June 2011

Trade and Exchange is offline.

Posted on June 23, 2011

It did not last very long did it.  We only just got access to the Trade and Exchange to upload vacant properties, and now they have merged with, and the upload facility has been switched off.

For now, I have disabled the trade and exchange uploads.  Emails to the old Trade and Exchange email addresses are not longer being answered.  I am trying to talk to someone at Sella to see if they are going to offer the same facility.  If they do, then I will switch it back on again.  But for now unforunately this facility is not available.



Sella have been in contact with me, and this was their response.

We are keen to work with you and get your listings onto the site. We do have a number of feeds waiting to be set up but will get in contact with you soon about setting up a feed.