Monthly Archives: September 2012

Coming in v10.6 - Rule Description

Posted on September 27, 2012

When importing bank statement transactions, you can create rules, a bit like creating rules in Outlook.

With version 10.6 you will now be able to add a description to the rules, which should make them easier to manage.

The rules will also now be sorted, so they dont jump around when one is changed or deleted.

Coming in v10.6 - Split Transactions during Import

Posted on September 27, 2012

When you import a bank statement, in version 10.6 there will now be the ability to split a transaction into 2 or more transactions.

This can be handy when you receive a payment from a tenant which includes $x in rent and a futher $y in some sort of extra charge.  During the import you can now choose to split the transaction, with the extra portion being able to be associated with a different income/expense group.  You will need to enter the split value for the new transaction(s).  The system will make sure the total value of the splits does not exceed the original value of the transaction in the import file, and in fact they make sure that the sum of the splits is equal to the original value.

Coming in v10.6 - One Time Automatic Transactions

Posted on September 15, 2012

Automatic transactions includes automatic income, automatic expenses, automatic extra charges and automatic extra fees.

Automatic transactions are normally applied at regular intervals such as once every 2 weeks.

In the coming version 10.6 of RentMaster, you will be able to apply them only once, and then have them automatically delete themselves.  This is particularly useful for automatic extra charges or automatic extra fees, where you know you will want to charge a specific value on a certain date in future, but you dont want to load it yet.  You can pre-load these charges for a future date, and have it created on that date, and never applied again.

Also on automatic transactions, the automatic transaction apply screen is now sizable, so you can make the window wider to see all columns.  Also the automatic transaction list screens now all contain the Next Apply date.