Getting the most out of

Posted on April 13, 2008

Here is a few suggestions for those people who are using the web site.

The Mail Merge facility has got a sample template for both tenants and owners called the RentRecall Login letter.  These letters are a starting point which you can add on to for creating a letter inviting your owners and tenants to log into the web site.  All you need to do is type in your company login name which you get when you subscribe to the web site, and maybe add a logo or other information to flesh it out.  That letter than then either be printed or emailed to your tenants and owners.

You can also use another recently added feature which allows you to print a note on the tenant or owner statement reports.  To use this feature go to the General menu group and choose Reminders/Notes and add a new note.  The note could say something like 'Remember you can log in to at any time to view your details....'.  Mark the note as 'Print on tenant statement' or Print on owner statement'.  This means that when you print your statements, that note will also be included.

The more your tenants and owners log in, the more informed they will be, and the less they will need to contact you as the property manager.