Quick Entry for RentRecall.com

Posted on April 24, 2008

Another suggestion for people who are using RentRecall.com.  This one is a bit more complex for those people who know about web site addresses.

If you are providing a URL address for your clients to log in, either landlords or tenants, you can make their logging in easier by providing your company name as part of the URL.

For example, suppose your company name used by RentRecall.com is MyCompany, then when you create a URL, you can set your login URL to be https://landlord.rentrecall.com?co=MyCompany.  For tenant logins the URl would be https://tenant.rentrecall.com?co=MyCompany.

By providing the company name, your clients wont have to type it into the login page.  They only have to type in their login name and password.  One less thing for them to type wrong or forget.