Coming in v8.8 - Easier inspection result entry

Posted on May 7, 2009

The process of manually recording the property inspection results has been made a bit easier.

Now when you open the inspection schedule screen, another column has been added next to the 'C' and 'L' columns.  The third column is labeled 'R', and like the other 2 columns this will show a tick or a cross. A tick indicates that inspection results have been recorded to this tenant.  A cross indicates the inspection results have not been recorded.  You can also click on this column to go directly to the inspection results screen for this inspection.

The inspection details screen, which contains the 'Result' button, has also been changed.  Once the results have been recorded a message to the right of the Results button will show as (Already Recorded).  This is similar to the 2 buttons above that which show if the inspection checklist and letter have already been printed.

So these changes should make result entry quicker.  Although the PDA is still the fastest option.