Coming in v8.9 - Rent Review Dates

Posted on May 24, 2009

Prior to version 8.9 rent reviews are handled by creating notes on the tenant details screens with a reminder date.

From version 8.9 there is now a special facility to handle rent review dates.  On the tenant details screen a new date value can be set for the rent review.

On the options screen there is also an option for automatic rent reviews every certain number of days (defaults to 365 days).  With automatic rent reviews set, each time the rent is changed either manually on the tenant details screen or via a future loaded rent change, the rent review date will also automatically change.  Also when a new tenant is created, the first rent review day will be set to the tenancy start date plus the specified number of days.

The list of tenants whose rent is up for review will appear on the Events screen starting 30 days prior to the rent change date.  From the event screen a tenant requiring review can be selected and one of 3 options can be selected.

1. Review again later.  This will allow you to shift the rent review date ahead to another future date without changing the rent amount e.g. you want to leave the rent as it is but review it again in 3 months time.

2. No rent change required.  You choose this option if you have reviewed the rent, and have decided there is no need to change the rent amount.  If you have got automatic rent review dates set up, the rent review date will be rescheduled again.  If automatic rent review is turned off, the rent change date will be set to none.

3. Change the rent amount.  This allows you to create a future rent change for the new rent amount.  By creating a future rent change the tenant will be removed from the event screen as a tenant which needs reviewing even though the rent amount may not have changed yet.